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Site monitoring
What is site monitoring & how will it help me safeguard my property? Will I get periodic reports?

On subscription to our Site monitoring services, we will visit you property on a periodic basis and check for the following:

  • Status of the Property
  • Encroachments or any unauthorized entry

This service will help you to ward off any potential problem & will also assist you to take appropriate action when there is any sign of encroachment or attempts to encroach or lay claim to the property.
A report will be sent to you along with the digital pictures after our visit to your property.

Will I determine the frequency of your visit to the property?

Yes, you will determine the frequency of our visit to your property. We would suggest weekly / fortnight / monthly visits to the property.
YMI's service fee will vary based on the frequency of the inspection / visit & and the distance from our branch office.

What is the action YMI shall take if it notices any sign of encroachment on a monitored plot?

As soon as we see or anticipate any attempts of encroachment, we will escalate it to you immediately with the required details. We may also suggest possible options to ward off the potential problem. The client shall have the option to use YMI's legal services or any other legal support separately available to him / her to tackle the problem.

What is construction monitoring?

Construction monitoring service enables you to construct your house without needing to be physically present to monitor the progress. Our experienced team will monitor the entire construction process & keep updating you with periodic progress reports on developments. Any problems / issues identified shall be escalated to you for action. This service includes taking digital pictures of the construction in progress and sending it to you.

Who will conduct construction monitoring & how frequently you would monitor my property?

Our experienced team will handle this activity and the frequency of our visit to your property can be determined by you. We would suggest weekly / fortnight / monthly visits to the property.
YMI's service fee will vary based on the frequency of the inspection / visit & and the distance from our branch office. The monitoring service only involves checking progress against milestones. It is understood that under the normal construction monitoring service, YMI is not required to provide the services of a qualified site engineer to check for quality. Requests for a Site Engineer to manage the project shall be treated separately.

What will your report contain & how does that help me in ensuring the quality of the work?

YMI will compare the progress on the construction with the schedule listed in the agreement entered into with the contractor / architect and will let keep you updated. These updates shall include:

  • Digital images of the progress at construction site
  • Progress charting against milestones listed in the agreement
  • Issues related to construction / vendor (if any)

Any problems identified shall be escalated to you for action.

What is the recourse if the construction is not completed as per my expectations?

YMI's scope of services is only to monitor the progress of the construction against milestones and report back to you. YMI shall not be responsible for deficiencies in the quality of work delivered by the contractor / architect or default due to non-payment by client or any other deficiencies due to force majeure causes.
In case of any deficiencies, it is expressly understood that the owner / customer may take recourse to legal remedies against the defaulting party for breach of contract. In such a situation, you have the option to use YMI's legal services or any other legal support separately available to the client.

What is Khata / Patta certificate & why is it required?

Khata is one of the most important documents for any property tax assessment. It is known by different names in different states. A Khata certificate will contain the details about the property such as its size, location, built up area and so on. This certificate is issued to the legal owner of the property.
It is mandatory for all property owners or holders to pay tax, and hence they need a Khata. It is an important document that will also be needed in case one needs to procure a building license, trade license or a loan from bank.

Who issues the Khata/Patta certificate?

The Khata certificate can be obtained from Government department like sub registrar's office at the place where the property is located.

How would YMI assist me in getting a Khata / Patta certificate issued from respective government authorities?

We will check with the concerned Government department on the supporting documents requirements like copy of the sale deed, copy of encumbrance certificate, etc. Requirements will be communicated to you along with the tentative expenses that would be incurred to obtain the Khata certificate.
We will initiate the work once we receive the required supporting documents and the estimated amount for obtaining the Khata certificate.

What is encumbrance certificate & why / when is it required?

Encumbrance certificate (EC) records transfer of ownership of a property in succession up to the current owner. It shows the date, names of the parties involved and amount of consideration, extent and schedule of the property. It is required at the time of selling the property as it provides details about the title/ownership of the property

Can YMI shortlist/select/arrange for a vendor to undertake the required repairs & renovation?

Yes, YMI can shortlist & select a vendor on your behalf in order to undertake the required repair & renovation works. Our team would make a visit to assess the efforts and shall provide you with a separate estimate for the work based on our evaluation.
YMI will provide this service on best effort basis & will put best possible efforts in getting the task done by the vendor.

What if the required repairs & renovation work is not completed as per my expectations?

YMI's responsibilities, in the event of deficient work by vendor shall be to take steps to rectify such deficiencies at vendors cost within a reasonable time period. YMI's decision on what constitutes deficient work shall be final.

Can I modify my request on the repairs / renovation items after YMI starts the work?

Yes, you can modify your request provided such modification is feasible at that stage of work. If feasible, we will check with the vendor on the requested changes and will intimate you on the cost implications of the same. Modifications will be initiated only after the receipt of funds based on the revised estimate.

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