If you are planing to apply for H-1B visa for FY 2017, Here is the detailed guide for you!

Obviously, whosoever planning to make a career in the US or those already studying in the US would be looking forward for H-1B visa 2017. If you are one of them, then today’s article will be of great significance to you. Let’s see what updates H-1B 2017 has.

When is H-1B 2017 visa applications going to start?

Well, applications would be available from April 1st 2016. USCIS will start accepting petitions from 1st April, 2016 for the next fiscal year i.e. from October 1st 2016 to September 30th 2017. So it is clear that any petition which will be filed after 1st April, 2016 is for H-1B visa 2017 commencing from October 1st, 2016.

All the rejected applications filed last year will get an opportunity to apply again for FY 2017 after April 1st, 2016, says USCIS in a notice.

What is H-1B 2017 Cap and H-1B visa 2017 numbers? Masters vs Regulars

I guess everyone knows about H1B visa cap but if you are new to this, I would suggest you read about it in detail first.

In simple language, H-1B cap is the maximum number of applications which will be accepted by USCIS in one year and it is authorized by Congress. Take a look on the number of quotas for this fiscal year 2017:

  • For regular H-1B cap, 65,000 applications can be filed.
  • For US master degree holders – 20,000
  • 6800 applications have been reserved for Singapore and Chile citizens in the above 85k.

Can FY 2017 lottery be expected again? What is H-1B visa 2017 Prediction?

As of now, if we look at the trend of H-1B in previous three years, It is clear that we will be heading for One more lottery for FY 2017 !! Looking at the FY 2016, a total of 233,000 applications were filed.

H1B Cap Filled Dates
Fiscal Year Regular Cap FiledDate Advanced DegreeCap Filled Date
FY 2016 First Week of April. Lottery Conducted First Week of April. Lottery Conducted
FY 2015 First Week of April. Lottery Conducted First Week of April. Lottery Conducted
FY 2014 First Week of April. Lottery Conducted First Week of April. Lottery Conducted
FY 2013 June 11, 2012 June 07,2012
FY 2012 Nov 22, 2011 Oct 19,2011

Let’s see why a huge number of applications may be expected in H-1B 2017:

  • A huge demand for H-1B visas 2017 will be there considering the improving job market since last 3 years.
  • Applicants who didn’t not get selected in FY 2016 will get a chance to apply again in 2017.
  • Companies are more interested in filing H-1B visa petitions due to the restrictions in other visas like B1 and L1.

What should be the strategy to plan for H-1B 2017 application? How soon it should be planned?

People who are planning to work in the US in the next fiscal year, it’s the right time to plan for
H-1B visa 2017. It’s never too late to plan something good… Take a glance on the suggestions about how to plan:

  • F1 student in the US: If you are currently studying and soon going to be a graduate, it’s the perfect time to think about getting some job or internship in such a company in the US, who sponsors H-1B visa. Check out H-1B visa sponsors to get an idea about the companies and contact them for internship and work on CPT or OPT once when you will be a graduate. So don’t waste time and take smart moves with perfect planning.
  • Working Outside the US: If you are a skilled professional working outside the US and planning to move to the US for work purpose, finding Multinational Companies would be the best deal. Find such a company which already has its presence in the US is perfect as you can apply for H-1B visa internally for the next fiscal year.

So build a strategy, then analyse each and every option and talk to your company if there is any such facility.

  • Other L1 or H4 visas: Your best deal would be to find some multinational company as I mentioned in the above point. Keep asking your company about H-1B visas and stay updated about the same. Then apply for H-1B visa, when the season starts.

How to Find a Right H-1B visa sponsor?

It’s a very straight forward process if you are a student in the US. Simply find H-1B visa sponsor and take internship under them to make them sponsor your H-1B visa. Moreover, if you are a working professional abroad, then applying for H-1B visa can be tricky. Multinational companies can be of pretty much help in this case as they have some internal process to pick the employees and sponsor H-1B visa for them.

Lastly, consulting companies are an option but I would suggest not getting trapped. Some consulting companies are fraudulent and when any H-1B aspirant seeks help from them, they ask for a huge amount of money to sponsor for H-1B visa. If any company asks for money or claims any sponsorship, then BEWARE!! Be careful or else you will get stuck in a huge mess.

Breakdown of H-1B fees:

Breakdown of H-1B fees:

Base Filing Fee $325
USCIS Anti Fraud Fee $500
ACWIA Education and Training Fee $750 (For employers less than 25 employees)

or$1500 (For employees more than 25 employees)

Public Law 111-320 Fee $4,000
Premium Processing (Optional) $1,225

Here are some examples on how much a company has to pay for H-1B fee:

Scenario 1: Company A is an Indian IT firm or a consultancy which has more than 50 employees and has more than 50% of H-1B visa people. Here are the fees involved if they are filing for H-1B visa in premium processing.

Total Fee: $325 (base) + $500 (fraud fee) + $1500 ( Training Fee)+ 4000 (New fee) + $1225 (Premium Processing) + $1000 (Attorney Fee) = $8550

Scenario 2: Company B is a American Startup company which has less than 25 employees and has less than 50% of H-1B visa people. Here are the fees involved if they are filing for H-1B visa in regular processing.

Total Fee: $325 (base) + $500 (fraud fee) + $750 ( Training Fee)+ $1000 (Attorney Fee) = $2575

What is H-1B Premium Processing?

You have to wait for at least three months to know whether your petition is approved or rejected according to the regular processing. H-1B premium processing allows you to know the approval or rejection in two weeks but you have to pay an additional $1225. You can go for premium processing anytime you want to.

So all those who are planning to apply for H-1B visa 2017, you have no more time to waste. Get up and act fast to be lucky this year and get selected in the FY 2017 lottery applications.

Courtsey: H1B Wiki Author (http://www.h1bwiki.com) | 19 – December- 2015

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