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Immigration - Attestation on Commercial Document

Please read the service description and policies below before placing the order

Note:- The said charges are for service fees only, Executional and Travel charges will be additional and the same will be intimated by our support team.

Commercial documents like Experience letters, Pay Slips, Company Letters, Power of Attorney, MoA, Name Incorporation, Employee’s Personal Details, Medical Certificates, etc shall be attested by the local Chamber of Commerce like FICCI, KCC (Karnataka Chamber of Commerce), Madras Chamber of Commerce (MCC), Maharashtra Chambers of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture (MCCIA), or any other appropriate chamber of commerce. Certain Chambers would want the applicant or its organization to be a member for the attestation of the commercial documents.  If the documents / attestation by the Chambers of Commerce is rejected by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) due to any reasons, then additional attestation shall be completed from other competent authorities before re-submission to the the MEA. There will be a nominal fee towards this additional attestation. While YMI facilitates the attestation / authentication work, it shall not be held responsible for the documents not being attested / legalized by the above departments. As the rules of the different embassies change too often, it will be very difficult for YMI to track the changes. Hence it is the responsibility of the applicant to check with the embassy on issues like the validity of the certificate or supporting documents. YMI shall keep you informed of any such changes that may come to its notice.
If additional documents / certificates are required by the validation officials then it will be duly intimated to the customer. Our indicative delivery time commences from the point of receipt of all the required documents to complete the process of attestation. While delivery of document within India is free, document shipment overseas will be charged extra. Any other extra costs incurred shall be duly intimated and billed to you through a quote.
YMI, by virtue of operating through its own offices will ensure security of your documents and shall be responsible for the safe delivery of the certificate back to the applicant. Due to unforeseen circumstances if the certificate is lost in transit at the Home Department or the embassy, YMI will try to get a duplicate copy within a reasonable time period as listed in other categories without any additional cost.
YMI is also not responsible for any bureaucratic delays or delays due to insufficient or delayed documentation / information provided by the customer. YMI cannot be held responsible for any errors/ mistakes/rejection of the attestation. All document related services are being provided on a best effort basis.

Attestation on Commercial Document
Task Service Fee Vendor Fee Task Completion Order
City Rs. 2299
(USD 35.10)
As per Estimate As per Estimate Order - City
Other Places Rs. 3999
(USD 61.05)
As per Estimate As per Estimate Order - Other Places

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