Disclaimers-Tenant Management

  1. YMI will make reasonable efforts to make errant tenants pay up on time, but shall not be responsible for non-payment of rent by any tenant.

  2. YMIís scope of services is only to deposit the rental cheques into your bank account and intimate you of the deposit. The realization of the cheque proceeds into your bank account has to be checked by the client. In case of any cheque dishonor, YMI cannot be held responsible for it. YMI will put in reasonable efforts to get in touch with the tenant and will try to recover the rental amount from the tenant, but shall not be responsible for non-payment by any tenant.

  3. On request from the client, YMI can assist in collection of past rental dues (prior to commencement of service) from the tenant on a best effort basis. YMI shall not be held responsible for the non-payment of such dues by the tenant.

  4. YMI shall undertake payment of utility bills on behalf of the client only after receipt of the required amount or it shall be paid from any standing deposit that the client maintains with YMI for such purpose. YMI shall not be responsible for any penalty levied by the utility service provider due to delayed payment from the client.

  5. If there is an escalation on prices while undertaking maintenance work or at the time of payment of utility payments, it will be intimated and the task will be completed after the collection of the balance amount.

  6. YMI is a facilitator and will coordinate with the vendors for major repairs / renovation / maintenance related works. YMI shall periodically check for the quality during the progress of work on a best effort basis. YMI shall not be responsible for any deficiencies occurring either due to vendors execution of the work or due to force majeure causes. YMIís responsibilities incase of deficient work by vendor shall be to take steps to rectify such deficiencies at vendors cost within a reasonable time period. YMIís decision on what constitutes deficient work will be final.

  7. Eviction of erring tenants will be legally dealt as per the terms and conditions of the rental agreement. YMI shall only be responsible for serving the eviction notice and shall not be responsible if the erring tenant does not respond. In such a situation, the client has the option to use YMIís legal services or any other legal support separately available to the client.

  8. In the event of breach of contract by the client it is expressly understood that the tenant may take recourse to legal remedies for enforcing the contract. YMI shall not be responsible in such a situation.

  9. The assistance is being provided subject to completion of various requirements on time by the client and all concerned parties involved in the transaction. If YMI is unable to provide the service as per the service requirement, any refund requests shall be handled as per Company Refund Policy.

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