FAQs-Legal Assistance

Do you use an in-house lawyer to provide legal opinion?

YMI uses a combination of in-house legal counsel and a network of empanelled lawyers to provide legal opinion on a wide variety of property matters. Some problems may require expert knowledge on the subject or local laws and hence is such situations YMI may tap into its external legal network to provide you with the right legal opinion. We will also try to provide you with insights based on the experience gained from resolving similar complexities for other customers.
A legal opinion is based on the review of the problem and taking into any facts and documentary evidence presented by the client. Based on the legal opinion it is the client's responsibility to choose and decide on a course of action based on the options or advice presented by the legal expert

Do you have lawyer network across India?

Yes we have empanelled lawyers in major cities of India. They are empanelled after scrutiny with respect to their domain knowledge & experience. Our managers will be interacting with them to provide you the required legal insights or feedback

What is mutation of property & when and why is it required?

Mutation is a process by which transfer / change of name takes place in the records of the Municipality office for the concerned property
Mutation basically means rectification in the records of the municipal authorities replacing the name of the old owners of a property with that of the new owner. Mutation of property in the municipal/ revenue records is mainly for the purpose of payment of property taxes in the name of the new owner. Further, if the new owner intends to sell the property, it would be difficult for him to do so if the property does not stand mutated in his name.

What are the documents necessary for mutation of property as I am having GPA in my name?

Generally the documents needed in this case are copies of the Power of Attorney and the Will, receipt of payment duly registered by the sub-registrar, application for mutation with requisite court fee stamp affixed on it, indemnity bond on stamp paper, affidavit and proof of payment of the last property tax due.

How will you handle tenant eviction if a tenant goes bad and refuses to vacate?

If a tenant refuses to move out after being served a due termination notice as per the lease agreement terms, we will seek your approval and file an eviction lawsuit on behalf of you. In most situations, when the tenant realizes that we mean business they will be willing to go for a negotiated settlement and vacate peacefully. If not, we will leave it to our legal counsel to obtain the court order directing the tenant to leave and local law enforcement agencies will be pressed into service if the tenant does not co-operate.
Legal costs of tenant eviction are separate and it shall be estimated depending on complexity, location and the lease terms.

I have a property where I am unable to vacate the tenant who has resided in the premises for ages. Can you take over the tenant eviction part only?

Yes, we will be able to take up the tenant eviction part only after consulting with our legal team. We will do initial investigation with our legal counsel based on a preliminary fee that you will have to pay. Once the investigation is completed we will give you the legal opinion as well as a plan of action that you shall be free to pursue or drop.

What if there is a contradiction in ideas/opinion regarding a particular clause/opinion/issue between my lawyer & the lawyer engaged by YMI. How would you deal with this kind of situation?

YMI coordinates with its lawyers to assist clients for providing insights on legal issues & complexities. In the event of any legal discrepancies/contradiction/conflict in ideas between your lawyer & the lawyer engaged by YMI, the client is free to take appropriate action as per their analysis.

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